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Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's Next?

We've only got one day to go after today, so many of you are probably starting to think about what happens on Day 22. Maybe it depends on how you see this photo - is it a sunrise? Or a sunset?

Today is a good time to take an hour for yourself and consider what you’ve experienced during the course of this cleanse. Be honest: What was hard? What was easy? What was challenging? what was rewarding? How do you feel today? How does that compare with before you started the cleanse? What are you willing to change? What are you unwilling to give up?

Whatever you decide, know that you have mastered an essential aspect of your life, your health, and your overall well being: Your diet. You have proven to yourself that you have control over what you put in your body. You’ve shown that you can face temptation and overcome it. And you’ve taken charge of – and responsibility for – your choices. Isn’t that empowering?!

Chances are we'll all go back to certain aspects of our previous eating patterns. How far back you go is up to you. In the past, some cleansers went back to eating meat but didn't care for the taste and texture as much as they did before. Others started purchasing only organic or free range animal products and found them to be just fine. Some people continued to eat all their meaty favorites, just not as frequently. And many started incorporating more meatless meals into their weekly menus.

Try things on for size and see what works for you. Maybe you'll eat fish and poultry regularly but keep beef and pork to a minimum. Maybe you'll continue to use agave or stevia instead of sugar or other sugar substitutes. Perhaps you love real butter and want it back. Fine. But maybe you'll continue to use soy or almond milk instead of cow's milk. These are things you can test and tweak along the way. See how you feel after you eat some of those old favorites - you're more in touch with how food affects your body now; let its widsom guide you as you make your choices.

You don't have to make decisions right away - this is an evolutionary process. And there's no right or wrong; whatever you choose to do is up to you. It's all in your very capable hands.

Isn't it interesting how our choices seemed so limited when we started this cleanse? And now that we're almost done, we have more choices than when we began. That, my friends, is abundance at work!

This has been a fairly quiet cleanse - not much back-and-forth - but if you want to share your thoughts about how you intend to greet your Day 22, please do! I'd love to hear about your fears, your goals and your plans! All thoughts, comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome!


  1. Sue asked me to post this comment for her...

    "I am excited to greet day 22 but not because the cleanse is over, it's because I feel great and love my new way awareness and way of eating. Taking a road trip cross country during the cleanse seemed daunting but with the right preparation and decisions along the way I was able to stick to the cleanse and resist temptation of old habits. I do miss some of my typical meals but plan on eating this new way more than the old. I don't want to over commit but do want to continue to make great food choices. Our grocery stores, restaurants and American lifestyle promote all the wrong things and it is easy to get caught up in what is sold to us as healthy. But all we have to do is look around and see that most people are anything but Vibrant and healthy!! I am so glad to have had the chance to do the cleanse and will miss the daily encouragement and info from you Ivy. Love your passion and commitment and truly appreciate your candor and insight!! Thank you for helping me get back on the right track!!"

  2. Big hugs to both of you, Sue and Jeannie! You both have the greatest energy and enthusiasm - it's infectious and really helps keep me energized and on track! Love you both!