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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Be Heard! Post Your Thoughts on SkinnyPlus

We're all in this together, gang! And we've got cleansers in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin that I'm aware of - there might be others we haven't heard from yet. But we want to hear from everyone!

So ask questions, share your thoughts, vent your frustrations, tell us about your experience! The best way to start a new program is with a buddy - you've got buddies you haven't even met yet and they're all right here!

To post your comments:
1.) Set up a Google account (Click the "sign in" link on the upper righthand corner of this page and it will prompt you from there. Basically it asks you to create a user name and password. As I recall, it takes about 60 seconds.)

2.) After you've created your account you can sign in as soon as you get to the site. Then when you post a comment the drop-down menu will show your user name next to the word "Google". Just click on that and it should work.

3.) If you visit the site without signing in, you can post a comment and then click on "Google" in the drop-down menu. From there it will prompt you to sign in and then you should be able to post.

The whole purpose of this blog is create a forum for discussion and support as we go through this process. And the best way to tap into our cross-country camaraderie is by posting our thoughts right here. I hope we hear from you soon!


  1. Hi Ivy
    My daughters and I are excited to start the cleanse. A few questions.
    1. Are herbal teas okay to drink? What about twig tea? My naturalpath suggested it. Are the coffee tasting substitues sold at health food stores acceptable?
    2. Will the cleanse still work if not done 100%? What if gluten or sugar is in something we consume by mistake?
    3.Why is gluten bad for you and necessary to give up if one does not have gluten intolerance?
    4. When cleanse is done do we slowly add back old food or what?
    5. Do you find that hunger and cravings go away with cleanse? If so, when???? I'm already hungry and I haven't started!
    Thanks for leading us in this!

  2. Hi, Sue! Glad you're all here! And I love that you have so many questions - the more you know the better! One thing I'll say, though, is you don't need to get ahead of yourself. There will be daily posts on gluten and all the foods we're eliminating along with other issues we'll face along the way. I spread them out so you can slowly digest (get it?) the information over the course of the cleanse. But to get you started today,
    1.)Most herbal teas have some caffeine in them so be sure to drink only the kind that's labelled "caffeine-free." I'm not familiar with twig tea - perhaps your naturopath can fill you in on whether or not it contains caffeine. I drink Triple Leaf Decaf Ginko & Decaf Green Tea.
    2.)Don't worry if you eat a non-cleanse food by mistake. This isn't about being super rigid about foods - it's about being more mindful about what we're eating. Gluten and sugar are the two biggest culprits because they're everywhere in processed foods. But be sure to read the labels on everything you buy - there will be more about this in the next few days.
    3.) We'll be addressing gluten in its own post next week. For now, just understand that it's an inflammatory food and inflammation is to blame for a high number of diseases and conditions.
    4.) As for finishing the cleanse - let's just concern ourselves with getting started for now. No one knows how they'll feel 3 weeks from today so what you might think today could be completely different from what you're thinking in 21 days!
    5.) And as for hunger, drink water first, then munch on veggies. If you're still hungry, get a pizza! We don't start cleansing 'til tomorrow! :-) But if there are any leftovers, get 'em outta the fridge before then!Cravings are another thing entirely (some are chemical and most are habitual)and we'll address that in the coming week as well.

    I LOVE your enthusiasm, Sue, and I hope you can be patient with me as I dole out everything you need to know!

  3. Thank you Ivy! Two more questions before I head for the store:
    Are all fruits okay or are any off limits?
    Are gluten free breads okay if they do not have dairy or sugar in them?

  4. One more...aren't all corn chips gluten free or do they have to say it to be sure? what if ingredients list only corn oil and salt--aren't they gluten free even if it doesn't say so on label?

  5. Hi, Sue -I hope I get this to you in reasonable time. Had to go out and do some errands of my own today! Fruits are fine, just be sure to watch the sugar in them. For example, you don't want to eat half a pound of pineapple at one sitting! Go easy on them, use them as your sweet treats. So, in the same way you wouldn't eat six Oreos in one sitting, keep things on the light side with the fruit. And gluten-free breads should be fine if there's no sugar.

    As for corn chips, they should be just fine if only corn oil, corn and salt are listed. If you want to be sure, look for a brand that says gluten-free. However, don't get too caught up with it at this point. We'll go deeper in a few days...

  6. One more thought, Sue... Did you see the shopping list link on the blog post "Where to Begin"? It tells you about all the other names for gluten... Take a look at that - it should help tremendously.