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Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Did It!

Congratulations on 21 days well spent!

We’re only a few hours away from the finish line and I hope you’re feeling refreshed, energized and really proud of what you’ve accomplished. Many of you have shed some pounds; most of you have said you’ve felt more energetic and have been sleeping better than usual. And I think we’ve all realized that we don’t necessarily need the habits, behaviors, foods and beverages we’ve clung to as much as we thought we did before we began this process.

Many of you have said you felt empowered by doing the cleanse. What a potent word that is! And so accurate! We accepted a challenge, faced it, worked our way through it, and completed it. For that alone, let’s be proud. But more importantly, we’ve learned that by simply modifying our diets for a short period of time we can restore balance in our bodies and create a chain reaction of wellness throughout every aspect of our lives.

The body is so grateful and responsive when we do what it needs. Good health doesn’t just happen – the more active a role we take in our own well-being the better off we’ll be. You’ve proven that in just three weeks.

Congratulations on committing to, meeting, and completing this challenge! I wish you continued good health and hope to see you here again soon!


  1. Here's my 3rd try...Google does not want me to post!

    I will eat eggs, feta cheese, and for the most part cleanse with cheating. That works for me!

    Thanks again, Ivy, for helping us through this cleanse...cleansing has been a life changing experience for me!

    Congrats to all.

  2. Thanks Ivy for all the great information and keeping me on track. I loved reading your posts every morning and sharing the information with my co-workers. I can't wait until the next cleanse!!
    Congrats everyone.

  3. Thanks for continuing to try to post, Jeannie, and thank you for being such a vibrant, vital contributor to the process - it wouldn't be the same without you. And, Kathleen - you've been here every time and you're a constant source of inspiration. You're my original cleanse buddy so thank you for holding my hand through the first one and for being by my side through the rest of 'em. It's not always easy and I really appreciate your input and support. Cheers to the end of this cleanse and to the beginning of a fresh new year! Let's all kick ass in '11! xoxoxoxoxo!