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Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 13 - Boredom

We're really in the doldrums now, aren't we? We're right in the middle - far enough from the beginning that the newness has worn off, but so far away from the end that it's nowhere in sight. And everyone's been quiet for the last few days - how are you doing?

This is where things can get boring and when boredom sets in, all sorts of hazards pop up. I get cranky when I'm bored. And when I get cranky I want to eat. Or drink. The bad stuff. You know what I'm talking about - that mindless, hollow-eyed, open-mouthed gorge fest in front of the TV with a simple, constant hand-to-mouth movement and rhythmic grinding of the jaws - it's enough to level the brainwaves and numb the mind. (They say Yoga's supposed to have a similar effect, but after years of practice I've never achieved the same bliss that occurs when my fingers are covered with Cheetos dust and I'm watching Molly Ringwald and the rest of the Breakfast Club punk dancing in the library of Shermer High.) So when I'm cleansing and hit that wall of boredom I can get pretty edgy and irritable. And I need to find something else to keep me busy. Or calm me down.

On Wednesday I took a bike ride with my husband after work. I didn't want to go because it was so windy - I hate riding my bike in the wind. But this time I decided use it to my advantage. I welcomed the added resistance as a way to intensify my workout. We only rode about 9 or 10 miles but when we got home I'd burned off enough stress that I was much more relaxed than before the ride. I whipped up a nice plate of leftovers for dinner, then settled in with my book - "Blogging for Dummies" (what else?!). So instead of falling off the wagon I got two great things out of the evening - a nice workout and more information about blogging. On top of that, I got to do something enjoyable and healthy with my husband. And I slept like a baby.

Last night I did a Yoga workout and some more reading. Then I studied Italian. No Cheetos required.

So what are you doing to to alleviate the boredom and restlessness that often accompanies this part of the cleanse? Anyone have any good ideas? And how are you doing in general? Would love to know!


  1. Well, thus far I am far from bored but that is because my calendar is quite full. It's usually late when I get home, I hate to eat late and go to bed so I usually have a small snack of almonds, drink hot water, get out my book, put my feet up and read a little or visit with my sweetie who is retired and almost as busy as I am. I did break down the other night when my daughter had a huge promotion and we did a celebratory meal at a chinese restaurant. Stir fried Vegies are not too bad as an entree; I am sure that they put something bad in there but... I broke my diet and ate it. I must confess. Again, the promotion was a huge coup for her. I have had so many networking events with food these past two weeks. Diabolical!! I have been really amazed at my will power. I didn't think I had this much and it is a good realization. You said we would learn things about ourselves and this is really awesome. Maybe because it is only 21 days I can do this? Not sure. Maybe it is the added coaching? Puzzling.

  2. Doing good...no cheats or boredom. My burning question is WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THIS IS OVER?

  3. I'll respond to Lois in this post and Jeannie in the next. First, Lois, let me say you're doing amazingly well considering your breakneck pace! And your evening routine sounds cozy and comforting - I hope it's as pleasant as your description. And as for your celebration, you did beautifully! It was a special time for your daughter and your family and you celebrated a bit. But don't ever kick yourself for ordering stir-fried veggies! Chances are if it had been prior to cleansing you would have ordered something far less healthy so be proud of yourself for making such a smart choice. And be grateful you didn't wind up in a rib joint!

    It's wonderful to hear you say you realized you have will power! You also have choices. And that's not always apparent, particularly if we're not paying attention. But you've come to realize that you have a choice every time you put food in your mouth. Sometimes it's not a question of having iron will, but of being informed, aware and conscientious. What's really great is that you have dispelled a myth you carried about yourself and you're no longer bound by a belief that, apparently, was never accurate to begin with! How empowering is that?! You CAN do this! You ARE doing this! And you're doing it incredibly well! So cheers to you for kicking MAJOR ass!

  4. Oh, Jeannie, you have asked the six million dollar question! What we do after the cleanse is entirely up to each one of us. After my first cleanse I became a vegetarian and never went back. I've stayed off caffeine as well. And the nightly glass of wine has been reduced to one or two on the weekends. For me, it's about feeling good and I feel so much more alive and effective when I go easy on my digestive system.

    Other cleansers have gone back to eating animal products but not in the same quantities as before they cleansed. Some have stayed off caffeine. And all of them have become more aware of what they're eating and are putting more thought into their choices.

    That being said, I'll pose the question back to you - what do you want to happen after this is over? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    PS - you're kicking butt, too, Jeannie! What are you doing to keep from getting bored? Would love to hear about that, too!

  5. Well, I got muscle tested for dairy (milk) and it looks like I'll be giving that up for the most part. We already do 50% vegetarian days per month, so that has not been a problem. My deal is the glass or two of wine at night, a few times a week, and I think after the cleanse that will definitely decrease. Dang, I love to get a buzz. But it does feel good to buzz without caffeine, alcohol, or sugar.

    As for the boredom, I am retired, not alot of resposibilities, and I am blessed beyond measure to have the lifestyle that I have. And somehow I NEVER get bored! I'm working on alot of emotional issues too and I think the cleanse has helped me get clear on some things...hard to be bored when you're figuring out how to not TOTALLY DIVORCE your family of origin. And guess what, I think I'm making progress! Thanks for this motivation to stop eating/drinking inappropriately!

  6. Jeannie, you just rocked my world! I'm SO glad that you committed to the cleanse and that you're feeling its true benefits. Isn't it amazing how clearly and rationally you can look at things that once used to send you into a frenzy or fit of anger or a state of depression or any other uncomfortable and unnatural condition?! Seriously, who knew sanity was so easily accessible, eh?! I guess that's my absolute favorite part about this cleanse - whatever you're feeling is real because your body chemistry isn't being altered by any substances. So you can deal with feelings and issues so much more effectively. And it's great to hear you're making progress with your issues! Love, love, LOVE it!

    I know what you mean about the buzz - it's nice to take a little ride every once in a while. But now you know you don't need to do it every night.

    I'm SO happy for you, so proud of you, and can't wait to see what happens as you go forward! Way to work it, Jeannie! Way to work it!!!