Have a great day - eat something healthy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 3 - How's Everybody Doing?

Today I got some disturbing news and found myself kneejerking - wanting something like bread or pasta, and sweets. I've been sitting with it and holding on. I know it'll pass so I'm just laying low and breathing for now. I ate some pineapple to get my sweet fix and that seemed to help.

Anyone care to share their experience so far? Anything you miss? Any challenging social situations you've experienced? Are you feeling like you're getting enough to eat? Are you feeling a little edgy? Relaxed? Somewhere in between?

Please blog in and let us know!


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a shock of sort - hope all is now calm. I had a major "oops" the other day when I mindlessly poured some milk into my morning tea-gaak! I don't even drink milk in my tea so that was the first "huhwhatamIdoingImustbestillasleep" of the day and I didn't even relate it to the big no-no with the cleanse. Then I proceeded to take it to my desk and have a big ole gulp. There was the wake up! It just served to show me how quickly we are slaves to habit, slaves to taste, and how inadvertantly we sometimes fuel our bodies. Ultimately this cleanse helps us to create new habits and fine-tunes our tastes to crave healthier choices.

  2. Thanks, Jenny. You're right about the habits we have - it's so easy to get into a routine and not even think about what it is we're doing. That's why I like cleansing too - it makes me slow down a bit and consider my actions - all of 'em!