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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hittin' the Kitchen

It's time to start thinking about what your diet - and fridge - will look like over the course of our 21-day adventure. So today I'm going to start posting recipes to help bring that picture into focus. We'll start with some staples (like quinoa pilaf) and some of my favorites (like gluten-free spaghetti with pesto cream). And I'll continue to post more as we go along.

There's nothing worse than feeling deprived or hungry - that's when you can get into trouble. I've found that there are two things that keep me on track - having enough food to munch on whenever I feel hungry (or stressed or bored or any of the other emotions that send me to the fridge), and having food that's satisfying and delicious.

I always have a container-full of cooked quinoa pilaf or brown rice at the ready, and after some experimentation in the kitchen I've found the recipes that resonate with me. I hope you'll find a few that will do the trick for you!

Happy Monday!


  1. Well, I made a pot of Split Pea SOup with my Easter ham bone just this morning. Does that fit anywhere in this diet??? I must have missed posts because I didn't see anything since thursday and missed all of these neat things.
    Thank you- this will be a huge challenge since I am hugely addicted to coffee.

  2. Hi, Lois! No meat products on the cleanse, so, sorry - ham is definitely out! Be sure to take a look at the shopping list - that should help quite a bit. And the "Setting Up for Success" post should help, too. And don't hesitate to call me if you want to go through any questions you have. While you're getting ready, you may want to start weaning yourself from coffee - previous cleansers have said that it helped them to start cutting back before the start date. Hope that helps!