Have a great day - eat something healthy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Final Countdown

With less than 24 hours to go, it's the final countdown to Day 1, so do whatcha gotta do today. If that's getting your drink on, wolfing down a pint of Ben & Jerry's, or chomping down on a thick, chewy bagel, get your yayas out today! And be aware of your mindset as you do it - it will be interesting to compare it with how you feel a few weeks from now.

Enjoy a blissful spring day, and we'll meet again tomorrow when we start on our new path! I'm looking forward to sharing the next 21 days with you!


  1. Hey Ivy and Gang,

    I'm definitely nervous about this first few days...I want to get - and stay - on track! I bought more Tofu than usual, eliminated the animal products (except for my dog...she's been prescribed a dollip of yogurt with every meal to help her digestion), and opted out of buying tortillas of any kind. I didn't see any that were Gluten-free. I'm assuming Ezekiel isn't Gluten-free. I'm wondering how to make myself a sandwich! I love veggie sandwiches with Hummus, julienned carrots, red peppers, spinach, red cabbage, cuces and basil. Any suggestions on what to wrap this all in?

    I hope you and everyone has a great DAY ONE!!!


  2. Hi, Maggie! I LOVE your enthusiasm and I'm so glad you're here! I have Food for Life brown rice tortillas in my fridge right now and they're pretty good. Because I've used these ones for so long I don't really look at other brands so I can't say whethter or not Ezekiel is gluten-free. But if you can find the Food for Life kind, you've got yourself a cleanse-wich! Your combo of ingredients sounds really good, by the way! And if you can't find the bread, maybe you could just use the cabbage as a wrap? Just a thought... You have a great Day 1, too!!!