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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jenny's Quinoa Lentil Dish (Thanks, Jenny!)

Hi Ivy!Thought I'd just send this to you because I don't know how to get the picture on the blog with it. I started out by wanting to use up what I had in the fridge that was in danger of going bad soon so here's what I came up with.

2 cups quinoa (cooked in organic veg broth)
1 cup cooked lentils (I had none ready, so I used a can of Amy's lentil soup and drained the liquid off!)
*1 small diced cooked potato
*1/2 c cooked carrots - sliced (*if you don't use the soup you don't need to add these cuz they're in it!)
Shitake and/or portabello shrooms (I had both so used em up)
baby zuchini - sliced
1/2 sweet onion
1 c raisins
chopped garlic (to taste - I like lots - I sleep alone haha!)
minced or dried basil
salt & pepper to taste

Everyone knows how to cook, so how you get this all together is pretty obvious...starting with the sauteing of onion and veggies together, seasoning, then adding the quinoa yadda, yadda...my one suggestion is to add the raisins last so they stay chewy when you eat them.

Oh and I like it HOT so I ate it with red chili flakes - I love a sweet-hot combination (the chili in garlic oil would have been perfect but I was out...and the calories...I can still find a way to "pork up" a meal huh?)

Thanks Ive!

This has been a rough week so this blog has been my pick-me up!

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