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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 21 - We Did It!!!

Congratulations on 21 days well spent!

Well, cleanse friends we’re only a few hours away from the finish line. And typically I’d be counting down the hours, but this time I’m a little reticent about coming to the end of our journey. We've shared so much – funny anecdotes, mini-crises, personal challenges, little victories, discoveries, even poop stories! After our 3-week immersion together, I feel like it’s the last day of camp and I’m saying goodbye to all my cabin mates.

I hope you’re all feeling refreshed and energized and really proud of what you’ve accomplished. Many of you have shed some pounds; most of you have said you’ve felt more energetic and have been sleeping better than usual. And I think we’ve all realized that we don’t necessarily need the habits, behaviors, foods and beverages we’ve clung to as much as we thought we did before this process began.

Many of you have said you felt empowered by doing the cleanse. What a potent word that is! And so accurate! We accepted a challenge, faced it, worked our way through it, and completed it. For that alone, let’s be proud. But more importantly, we’ve learned that by simply modifying our diets for a short period of time we can restore balance in our bodies and create a chain reaction of wellness throughout every aspect of our lives.

The body is so grateful and responsive when we do what it needs. Good health doesn’t just happen – the more active a role we take in our own well-being the better off we’ll be. You’ve all proven that in just three weeks.

This process is the opposite of SAD (Standard American Diet). And it can be daunting and isolating. So I thank all ov you for agreeing to do this together. Your support, caring and kindness have been so inspiring – how wonderful it is when strangers come together, share a goal and support each other as we work toward it! Thank you all so very much for your honesty, your candor, your humor, your words of encouragement and your unfailing enthusiasm (even when the going got tough). Look where it got us! I suspect that some of us may have wondered whether or not we’d make it all the way. But we did! And I believe we did it because we did it together. So thank you all for your valuable contributions to our collective effort!

After our ongoing discussion about what do to on Day 22, I’ll propose this – let’s keep the lines of communication open. After today I’ll be posting on SkinnyPlus once or twice a week. I won’t be sending out the daily emails, but feel free to drop in to the blog any time. Post your thoughts, start a discussion, send an update, ask a question, share a recipe, keep in touch. And tell your friends to visit too!

In the meantime, here’s to our last day of purity together! I am so grateful that you have become my healthiest friends! Thank you for your courage, your determination, your humor, and your support! I have loved every minute of being with you! And I hope to see you next time!

With love,


  1. Congrats everyone!!! I have enjoyed being on this journey with all of you.

  2. Missy had this to say...

    I am three days behind all of you. The cleanse has been challenging but has helped me defeat my "addiction" to Dr. Peppers..woohoo!! Thank you for embedding the link. Your help and dedication is appreciated!

  3. Red Bull don't even miss it. Little known fact. If you put gummy bears down the garbage disposal they don't get ground up they just spin in the drain. I used to eat these by the bag. Thanks to my friend Maggie for getting me involved and thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement. This has been a short journey but a trip I would like to take again.

  4. Hey all,

    I tried to post yesterday, but after taking the time to write it all out, my computer locked up on me...bummer!

    Anyway, this cleanse was a great experience for me. And while I cannot say I have cleaned out my filing cabinet (yet), I really learned a lot about myself and I followed the cleanse from beginning to end - a huge feat for me. I gained new insight on American factory farming ("yikes" is an understated sentiment), I made my gluten-sugar connection, I practiced crying and prayer and reaching out to you all as a method of coping without my usual vices, and I trudged on through it one day at a time, each day getting easier.

    Thanks for all the support, the insight and for sharing in the experience. You guys are total rock stars!

    Until next time, be well!