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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 7 - The Straight Poop

Suzie brought up a great question yesterday:  Is anyone else having a change of bowel activity? And chances are we all are.

Up until now I haven't written anything about poop - I'm not a doctor and don't want to give anyone bad advice. But I do know that happy bowels can make for a happier life. And I know that you're lying if you say that you don't know what it's like to have a poop that feels so good you're still thinking about it half an hour afterward! I'm proud to say that this morning is one of those times for me. How's that for frankness?

I've found a few trusted resources that might help you get a little more comfortable with the subject and explain the world of poop in a language that's easy to understand.

The first is The Dr. Oz Poop Primer. It's a 5-minute video that uses props to show the various kinds of poops - and there is a wide assortment - and what they mean.

The second is an article at Health.MSN.com that goes into detail about what your bowel movements can tell you about your health.

For those of you who have been taking psyllium every day, your bowel movements might be more... energetic... than normal. That's probably due to the fact that you've likely introduced a much higher level of fiber to your diet than what you're accustomed to - you're bound to notice some extremes. As you go through the cleanse, watch the color and consistency; then tailor your intake to get to a comfortable level.

I know this is a delicate subject, but it's an important aspect of our daily lives and an integral part of our overall health. So the next time you do your business, turn around and study it, learn from it, and let us know how things come out!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


  1. Ivy this is just one example of why I love this blog! The candor and openness - no subject is taboo, no question too silly. Thanks for that!
    I've used the "Colonix" cleanse a couple of times, but have found that the main ingredient (aside from their proprietary herb blends)is mostly psyllium (at a greatly inflated price) In any case, I wonder is it possible to NOT be regular on the cleanse? I mean, we eat so much more natural fiber and grain. This has been one of the many benefits of it (at least for me :D ). I can't help but wonder how many people with intestinal and colon problems would greatly benefit from this fast. One thing so many folks in this area have not learned is that your diet IS your health! Everytime I hear someone complain about this disorder, that pain, a rash, chest pains - and then see them eat salt-laden ground beef, french fries washed down with beer (porkchop-in-a-can)I want to shake them!
    Okay, that was my morning rant (and with no caffeine - sheesh!)
    Happy Monday all!

  2. Oh I nearly forgot - since we're being frank...is anyone else experiencing um...gas? (more than usual ;) ) I've been chewing fresh ginger and it helps, but those around me might feel it's not enough.
    SO embarrassing...

  3. Hey,

    I love it! Anyone interested in a good laugh, read Skinny Bitch's chapter on poop too. I am so excited to get home to watch the poop video. I have noticed I'm going more consistently, and gassing less, for the most part. But I was on a mountain bike ride yesterday for a long time, and I felt like I was going to crap my pants.It that so wrong? Haha!

    Hey, has anyone seen that SNL skit for a fake product they're advertising called "Oops I crapped my pants"? I still laugh about it!

    Okay, gotta run to work. Thanks all...and in all seriousness, poop is a very good indicator of health. I want to learn more.


  4. Maggie, I love "Oops I Crapped My Pants!" I'm laughing just thinking about it! And I've gotta pull out Skinny Bitch again. Those broads tell it like it is!

    And you were not alone yesterday - while you were on the mountain, I was at 30,000 feet, debating whether or not to drop a bomb. I was concerned about everyone seeing how long I took in the bathroom and realizing the reason for my extended visit. So I held off for as long as I could. Then I started thinking about why I was doing all this stuff - for my own health. Who gives a... crap... about what other people - people I'll never see again - think about me? Is it so terrible that a handful of strangers know that Ivy Gracie poops? Wait a second - they have no clue who Ivy Gracie is! So I letterip and felt sooooo much better! And, thankfully, there was no one waiting as I made my exit!

    Jenny, you hit some nails on the head! I'm sure many of those cleanses in boxes are based on psyllium - why bother with anything other than the real thing? And pay more for it as well? I suspect that they're designed for the person who doesn't want to do the real work and change his or her lifestyle. That's why I love this cleanse - we're learning how to use nutrition to enhance our health! What could be better and more natural than that?

    And it is frustrating to see people complain about their health as if they were victims of some outside force. Too often they're the victims of their own bad choices. Love "porkchop-in-a-can" by the way! So funny!

    I'm not sure about the gas thing or how to deal with it. Are you doing, ahem, more beans than usual? I just checked Skinny Bitch and they warn against mudslides (how hysterical is that?!) if you up your intake. Any major changes in your diet that you can think of that might have you bubbling up?

  5. Jeannie posted this but it ended up on the Dining Out - Tips from a Pro post. Here's a great tip from Jeannie...

    Try adding also 1-2 tablespoons of GROUND Chia seed to your shake/smoothie for additional poop inducement. It also has the omegas that are so good for us.

    Thanks, Jeannie!

  6. Just returned from a long weekend hiking in Estes
    Took most of my food with me. The porridge receipe is the best. Had to leave the rest with the folks in Estes they liked it so much. Have had no trouble with caffiene or sugar. As for todays topic that good too
    Glad to be back

  7. Hey, Trish! Good to hear from you and it sounds like you had a great weekend! I love that you're over the sugar and caffeine - way to gut it out! Thanks for the update!