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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 3 - Clean Up Your Act!

Our fellow cleanser Kathleen came up with the idea of clearing out some clutter while we cleanse. I asked her to share her thoughts about it and she was kind enough to add it to the Wednesday, September 1 post, "Goodbye, Sweet Summer." But you may not have seen it so I'm placing it right here...

"I am reading a book called 'Throw Out Fifty Things' by Gail Blanke. I am recycling, giving away things that I don't want or need. She writes a lot about emotional baggage attached to things. If something makes you feel bad get rid of it. A friend of mine hung onto a dress that she was wearing when her boyfriend broke up with her. She told me everytime she put it on she thought of the break-up. I think I finally talked her into giving it away. I think the key is to surround yourself with things that you like and make you feel good. I plan to go through my closets, drawers, car trunk, etc. during this cleanse to "Clean up my Act". Is anyone else in???? Kathleen"  

I know I am! In the last two days I've cleaned off my desk, pared down the number of emails in my In Box, and cleaned up a few drawers in my closet. Today I'm going to tackle my summer wardrobe and purge the things I didn't wear this season. For the next three weeks my goal is to keep my closet, desk and computer clutter free. I may add some other goals but for now I'm starting small. And I'm excited about having neater living and working environments!

Okay, now you! Kathleen asked, "Is anyone else in???" Are you? And what part of your act needs cleaning up?

Here's to a smooth Day 3!


  1. Hi Ivy and cleanse friends,

    I am very interested in the cleaning up your act aspect of the cleanse. I have stuff I don't need even though we just moved and we have room for everything, why keep it if we aren't using it? It's my goal during this time to go through my closet, my office (including my filing cabinet...eek), and our basement boxes to get rid of everything we don't need anymore. I love it!

    I wanted to talk briefly about my experience with day one and day two of the cleanse. First of all, I had no idea (despite your warnings) that I'd feel as badly as I did. Day one, right away I was exhausted, dizzy, headachy, nauseated, disoriented, and SAD. I had a meltdown, as I explained in my email. You all were so supportive yesterday morning, thank you so much for your kind emails.

    I did eventually break down. I had a cup of coffee with cream and sweetener. So yeah, I really blew it there. I felt like a heroin addict!!! I was obsessed with feeling better. It showed me just how dependent I have been on caffeine. This after a few years of abstinence from it, and just three months of gradually easing into drinking it daily again.

    I felt better initially, but then I felt worried...how am I going to break the cycle if I don't stop using caffeine? Is this something I want to stop permanently? What are the REAL reasons I'm cleansing? Usually I think topically first, yeah I'd like to drop 5 or 10 lbs of body fat. That's so easy to say. But there are other reasons I'm cleasning. I don't want to be held hostage by any substance. I want to feel things, not bury them. I want to live freely. And I really want to know what is on the other side of all of this.

    Aside from my cup of coffee, I've been on the cleanse, and I feel better and stronger today (with all the resources at my disposal!) to go today without caffeine.

    Thanks for listening. I hope everyone has a great day three!!!


  2. Smiling this morning. Slept well. Woke up this am and drank water, what a concept. I did the clutter clean up at home this summer and it's nice to find things and have room in closets. I'm with Maggie I don't want to be held hostage by caffiene and sugar. I can commit to that. I only have to do it today because today is all I have right now.

  3. I'm in for cleaning and clearing out the sh...I mean junk!

    Fortunately I gave up caffeine awhile back before I even knew about this cleanse. I have other vices. But I can relate and just will reiterate: hang in there, it IS worth it!


  4. Way to go, Maggie and Trish!

    Trish, it's so good to hear you're well rested today! And I think you've got the right idea - today is all we have. And it's all we need to focus on. Tomorrow will be here soon enough. So congratulations on making it through a tough couple of days and here's hoping that smile stays put on your face!

    Maggie, you were so brave to tell us what you were facing. And you are very perceptive - I love the words you chose when you told us your story, particularly "held hostage," when referring to caffeine or any other substance that has the power over you. You are claiming your own power now! We're all proud of you and admire your courage and honesty!

    And it's good to hear from you, Jeannie! I was wondering where you were - glad to have you commenting again! Love your insights, inspiration and humor!