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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 13 - Drama

One of my favorite things about cleansing is that there’s nothing fueling my emotions. I know that what I’m feeling is real. It’s not blurred by alcohol, which is a great drama driver that makes me tired, crabby and headachy in the morning. My emotions are not propelled by sugar, which makes me completely bipolar – I get totally fired up after I eat it and then completely crash after my body has used it up. And I'm not crazed by caffeine, which just makes me plum loco – zippy to the point of being panicky and paranoid. Now I face issues with clarity instead of clouding them with chemicals. And that makes them much easier to deal with.

When you think about it, drama serves no productive purpose. It’s a waste of time and energy. Drama is useful only if you want to play the victim, wallow in a problem, or be the center of negative attention. But no matter your reason, when you stay in the drama you’re part of the problem.

By doing this cleanse you’ve chosen to be part of the solution. You’re empowering yourself by making healthy nutrition choices which are enhancing your overall well-being. You’re more awake and alert, you’re seeing things with clarity and experiencing them with a level head. And you’re probably feeling more energetic than you have in a while. Now you can direct that positive energy toward being part of the solution when dramas arise.

When an issue arises with your mate, your kids, your coworkers or anyone else, pay attention to how you react. Now that you’re leveling out the chemicals in your body you’ll be more able to think it through, resist from escalating the situation, and focus on becoming part of the solution. And your peaceful disposition will probably set a good example for everyone around you.

We’re already traveling lighter by doing this cleanse – our bodies feel it on a cellular level. Now we can lighten the load on an emotional level. Drama is too heavy – it’s excess weight we don’t need to carry. So here’s to dropping the drama today!


  1. Hello All,

    Yes Ivy, you have made some very relevant points about spirituality and real emotions.

    My weekend revolved around the Jewish holidays which I celebrate with my husband and son who are both Jewish. FYI-I was raised Irish Catholic.

    The services at Temple are always lovely. The basis of this holiday is atonement and self-reflection. Our family belongs to a reform Temple which conducts a remarkable service where members participate thru personal testimonials and music. The Rabbi delivered a poignant sermon which posed 7 questions to ask yourself before you die--basically as a measuring stick as to how you have lived your life. This year I found myself teary throughout the service.

    I know my feelings have been raw and my emotional state challenged by this cleanse. I still miss the morning caffeine boost, my favorite foods and end of day cocktail to reward and unwind. Yes, I feel lighter and tighter--exercising daily. However, I am still waiting for the positive energy to kick-in mentally and physically. Anyone else feeling a little low on results?

  2. Wow, Suzie, the service sounded amazing. I'd be so interested to know what those 7 questions are. If you have a chance, could you share them?

    You're not alone in the way you feel and "raw" is a perfect word to describe it. I felt that way my first time too. I think a lot of it has to do with the habits we've become accustomed to - it feels awkward not to have that cocktail at the end of the day or that mug of coffee in the morning. Even today, after two years of being caffeine free, I feel just the teeniest bit deprived when I sip my green tea. I know it's good for me, and it's warm going down my throat, but it's not a cup of coffee. There's not the smell, nor is there the ritual of making it (what's the fun of putting a mug of water in a microwave?). Even so, it's my new ritual, I know how good it makes me feel, and it's what I choose for myself at this moment.

    And it wasn't until Day 17 or 18 that I began to really feel truly energetic. So you're not off track. But just to be sure, how much protein are you getting each day? If you're not getting enough, that could be a factor in your energy levels. Also, how is your sleep? Are you going to bed and waking at regular times? And what is the quality of your sleep? That's a big factor too.

    You are doing SO well, Suzie! I know it seems to drone on forever, particulary if you're not seeing those results that enticed you into this cleanse in the first place. But I know they'll show up if you just stay with it.

    Thanks so much for the update, and have a great day!