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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 10 - Progress Report

Woo hoo! We're in the double digits! Happy Day 10!

So far we've been talking about our food and alcohol issues and thanks to everyone who's been part of the discussions! Your contributions have made this cleanse so enjoyable and engaging. And for those of you who haven't commented yet, here's your invitation to chime in. The more the merrier - let's hear from you!

Today I wonder how everyone's doing with the other aspects of this cleanse. Have you gotten rid of any clutter in your life? Or introduced any new positive behaviors? Let's hear your story!

I've cleaned my desk and my computer. I'm keeping the new mail count in my email in-boxes low and dealing with things as soon as they arise instead of letting them sit on my desk and clutter my brain. I've also gone through my closet twice and thinned out my inventory. Now I just have to find a place to donate all the castoffs. Until I do, I'm leaving them on a chair in my office so they drive me nuts.

I've added (or reintroduced) basic habits like drinking 64 ounces of water every day, taking my makeup off every night, flossing every day (yeah, I'm ashamed to admit that there were days when I skipped it), and waking up at 5:15 every day. I also committed to giving up Spider Solitaire. And so far so good - on everything! I'm feeling pretty confident so today I'm going to add some other activities - like skin brushing before showering and studying French every day.   

I like being more organized and disciplined - I hope to continue these behaviors consistently after the cleanse.
So how about you? I hope you'll share your story and let us know how you're doing!


  1. Last night went through bookcases and closets and took all the books we have read and then put away for some unknown reason. A friend is picking them up to donate to the MS book drive. I have a Kindle now so I can really control my book clutter. Good Morning to everyone. So good to wake up, get up and feel great.

  2. Good morning cleansers,

    I have to admit, I haven't really attempted any of the other clean up efforts. This weekend will be no exception - I'm going out of town for a day of mountain biking and a day of golf. I feel very fortunate! But this was a reminder to begin practicing eliminating unnecessary clutter from my life. My basement is calling...my office files are calling...my closet is calling! I am actually very much a minimalist anyway, but that doesn't mean I don't start to collect stuff, get less organized, and FEEL less together. One thing I have a hard time with is parting with clothiing that I like, but don't wear. I TRY every time I get rid of stuff, to slough the stuff I haven't worn in a year. But sometimes I can't bring myself to get rid of certain things. I can think of one shirt in particular I've actually never worn...I keep thinking, maybe next season?

    Nice job on the books, Trish, and the spider solitaire, Ivy! These are good things to let go of!!!

    On the cleanse front, yesterday I had cravings for caffeine. I did not give in, knowing I would feel badly about it later. But I think I ate more than usual because of that.

    Thanks for listening, and everyone have a great day!!!

  3. Hello All,

    To date, I have treated myself to 8 of the 20 recommended REWARDS that Ivy suggested. As far as clutter, I plan to clean my closets and change them over for the season--pack up the Summer things for shipping to my Winter retreat in Miami and bringing out the woolies for the next three months in Chicago.

    I do feel a change of mood since I have given up the coffee and alcohol. I miss the boost in the morning and the end of day relaxer from a cocktail. I guess this even mood is better than the highs and lows.

    My routine revolves around the "special" eating and exercise. I almost resent having something work or social to do. These things take mental energy and personal output that I don't have right now. I am hoping the end result of the cleanse is positive--hate to think I need coffee, alcohol and sugar to fuel my life!

    Ok, day 10--underway!

  4. I started with my kitchen and went through two drawers and two cupboards and got rid of a lot of things. I made my second goodwill run since we started the cleanse. I feel so much lighter!
    Have a great day everyone!!

  5. I need to get on the ball and clean some stuff out! You guys are inspiring me!

  6. I got rid of TONS of stuff when we remodeled 3 years ago. But the crap keeps creeping up in my closets, drawers and cabinets. My mom is a hoarder, so I have to watch it! NO HOARDING, someone who really needs it could be using that blouse, plate, whatever.
    Thanks to all for the motivation to get going. I'm thinking of hiring a professional organizer for an hour or two just to get started.

    Thanks to everyone for the motivation you provide to get off my you know what and get things done.

  7. Okay - I'm lame, but all I've been able to pare down are my expectations and intentions! So busy lately. But I have to say I'm not much of a hoarder anyway and already practice periodic purges. One thing that was a goal was to try new recipes and even experiment on a few of my own design and last night I think I came up with a winner. I'll send it to Ivy because I don't think I can post the picture with it and she will know how. The visual is so important don't you think?
    So much fun doing this with all of you!

  8. WOW! Everyone's posts are so inspiring - I love all the different takes on eliminating clutter and the cleanse itself! It just goes to show what a diverse and creative group we have. And yet we're sharing a journey - one that will take each one of us to different places. Thanks for sharing your snapshots along the way.

    All the posts inspired me to hurry out to OfficeMax and Costco where I purchased bankers' boxes and storage containers. Can't wait to fill 'em up with all the stuff I can't bear to look at but can't bear to lose (just yet) - files, magazines, bathing suits, hats, purses. I even had my hair thinned out yesterday (for those of you who don't know me, it's as thick as a mop - and it doesn't get long; it just gets fat!)

    Thanks again, everyone for all this amazing energy!