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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Susan's Observations - Holding Strong

I love your breakthrough moment. We don’t need others to validate what we are doing. I get multiple comments from my family and friends telling me that this cleanse is ridiculous. They all advise me that I should not be so extreme and that I should maintain a healthy diet – everything in moderation.

We are all cleansing and experiencing it differently. This is my third time cleansing and it is a piece of cake this time. The other times, I was consumed by it. I started this cleanse on 8/31, so technically my 21 days are up. Yesterday, instead of dipping my carrot and pepper sticks into the guacamole, I joined the rest of the family and allowed myself to have ten tortilla chips. I also had a Diet Coke. Well, this must have been a major shock to my system. I was up all night with a bad stomach ache. When you eat clean and good, you feel good. When you eat crap, you feel like crap. I’m back on the bandwagon today.


  1. Congrats on completing your cleanse! I had similar reactions to my cleanse. I thought people would think it was interesting and maybe inspired to join in or look at their own habits. I ended up hearing more negative comments about it being to extreme or even wanting me to cheat so we could eat the same thing. I didn't care if they were eating pizza and I was eating a salad, but I know sharing in the same food can really be a bonding experience for some. Thankfully my closest friend and relative, my dear hubby, was very supportive of my cleanse!

    Since you've done three cleanses I'd love to hear your thoughts (and anybody else out there!) on coming out of the cleanse. What do you add and how fast? How did you feel? Any parts of the diet you wanted to make permanent?

    Thanks for sharing your story!


  2. Hi, Amy! Your experience, like Susan's, is very common. Very often, people want an affirmation for their bad behavior and they get that when you join them in whatever that behavior is (i.e., "Let's have one more drink" or "let's order that cheesecake.") But if you stop engaging in that behavior and indulging other people's bad habits, then they have no one to blame them on but themselves. And, again, I will say this - somebody who calls this kind of cleansing "extreme" has never done it, and has never taken the time to realize and understand that every bite we take influences every aspect of our well being. Instead, they're more like armchair quarterbacks, making calls on a game they are not qualified to play. Way to go, Amy -you hung tough when people gave you a hard time about cleansing and it's not easy to do. And I'm so glad your husband was supportive - that makes a huge difference! I'll post a bit this morning about moving out of the cleanse, so check back in a while.

    Have a great day!