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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amy's Story - A First-time Cleanser Guts Her Way Through a Tough Day

I would sum the first three days for me up with the word "thirsty." I was so thirsty and had the slightest headache, but by day four it was gone.

I had my meals planned out for most of the week and it was real easy for me. I wasn't really tempted to eat anything not cleanse friendly.

Friday was a different story. I had made the Cherry Coconut Breakfast Bars recipe from Quantum Wellness Cleanse book and had run out by Friday morning and much to my dismay was also out of peanut butter! I had 10 minutes to eat before I had to take the kids for school. I ended up going for a fruit smoothie and a handful of nuts for breakfast. That night my husband was gone for dinner and it was just me and my two girls. I had promised them they could have a frozen pizza, but hadn't planned anything for myself. By the time I got done with work and we stopped to pick up a pizza for them I was so hungry I couldn't think straight. I decided to stop at a co-op in out neighborhood to see if they had any gluten/dairy free pizzas for me. They did have one Amy's Pizza, but it contained organic evaporated cane juice. I'm pretty sure that is sugar so I spent about five minutes in front of the pizza in the freezer trying to determine if it was cheating or cleanse friendly. I really wanted to try and stay true to the cleanse so left with no pizza. I ended up eating a bowl of oatmeal with coconut milk and a little agave. Not the best dinner I've made all week, but I wasn't hungry and I didn't cheat.

I learned my lesson and now know I that I need to plan out my meals to succeed! It's so easy to made a bad decision when you're hungry and tired.

So enough about the eating, one of my favorite experiences from the cleanse so far is the water weight I've lost. I haven't weighed myself, but my stomach flatter than it has been in awhile and a pair of pants I put on this morning is definitely slightly looser than last time I wore them. I can't wait to see how I feel even further into the cleanse.


  1. That is so great Amy! I know that feeling of just standing there in front of a product at the grocery store in utter confusion. I've done this a few times now and my "words of wisdom" are that nobody's perfect. When/if you "cheat" just get back on the straight and narrow ASAP. No guilt, no harm done. Go easy on yourself, life is meant to be enjoyed!

  2. Amen to that, Jeannie! We've all been there in that semi-crazed, utterly indecisive state, listening to an insanely rapid inner dialogue that sounds like an episode of The Jersey Shore! And you're right - if the loud crazy voice wins, it's only for the moment. The sane voice can take over again whenever you want it to. Here's to sticking with it, Amy!

  3. Jeannie and Ivy, thanks for all the thoughts on "cheating". I have to agree that you shouldn't worry too much about one decision and instead focus on the whole journey. That being said, I am glad I stuck with it!