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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jeannie's Story - Cleansing as a Path to Spiritual Growth

I heard about GASCAP and Ivy's cleanse and thought "oh great, another chance to not consume anything for 7 days except for lemon juice, water and cayenne." But something told me to "sign up", so I did.

It was daunting at first...I had experimented before but this seemed SO restrictive that I almost panicked at first. But again, something told me to push on.
 Long story short: I was going through a rough time...family issues that brought me close to divorcing the whole lot of them; aging issues that caused me to think that continuing on in this body was maybe not for me (although I did not consider suicide); continuing grief over the death of my best friend Peter 1 1/2 years earlier...you get the picture.

 During my first cleanse things began to "click." Books such as Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and A New Earth, which I had read previously, suddenly began to make PERFECT sense: "this is about ME, not just some interesting, lovely information." Through continuing therapy and prayer and affirmation I got more clear on my family "stuff"...maybe I wouldn't need to divorce them after all. MAYBE just maybe there is a way to stay on this planet, grow older, have fun and enjoy life...who says you have to be young and cute to enjoy life...I can be old and cute! And I began to understand Peter's death in a new way...one that allowed for something good, something helpful...something healing.

I could go on, but that's basically what "happened to me" during my first cleanse. I got more clear on so many levels: mental, emotional, spiritual. Plus, there are LOTS of good food choices while cleansing...get creative, have fun with it and I can almost promise you that you'll feel better. I sure did.

P. S. Losing weight did not suck either!


  1. Jenny sent me this email after reading Jeannie's story - "I love these stories Ivy. It connects us in a way that if we ever did meet up there would be this instant recognition - in an "oh I know you!" kind of way :"

  2. Isn't that cool?! I LOVE that!:-)