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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 2 - Lessons from Shadow

Sweet Shadow
Happy Day 2, everybody! I hope yesterday went well. I don't know about anyone else, but for me, yesterday felt a little surreal just because it was a holiday. It seems like today will be the day when we can really begin to dig in and see where this cleanse will take us.

We've said it takes 21 days to break - and make - a habit. And each time we cleanse is an opportunity to bring something new into our lives. I've been thinking about what I want to bring into my life this time - typically it's a new habit like taking my makeup off every night or drinking more water - something I can easily work into my daily routine. But this time is different...

Mark and I lost our dear friend Shadow in July. Shadow was our big black cat who had a sweet disposition, calming presence, and loving spirit. No matter what was going on in our lives or in the world, spending time with Shadow always made us feel better; made our hearts lighter. And no matter what our condition - happy, sad, angry, worried - he was always happy to sit with us (or on us), offering quiet comfort and a consistent, deeply rumbling purr. He didn't judge people or situations - he didn't have the capacity. He didn't worry about anything because he didn't think about anything other than what was going on in the moment. At all times Shadow was such a positive influence and I'm going to try to learn from his example.

During this cleanse I'm going to try to be a more positive person. There are times when I'm negative without even realizing it, simply by using words, like "hate" or "never." There are times when I automatically judge people or situations without letting them have their say or play out in any meaningful way. So during this 21-day span I'm going to choose my words carefully (instead of saying "I hate it when this or that happens," I will say, "I would prefer it if this or that happened"). I'm going to hold back from instantaneously judging whatever is in front of me (maybe the cashier who is making the checkout line I'm in move at a snail's pace isn't a moron - maybe he or she has a migrain headache and is fighting as hard as he or she can to be at work). And during this cleanse I'm going to do my best to stay right here in the moment - instead of thinking about all the work I have to do once I return from a bike ride during the bike ride, I'll worry about it once the ride is done.

Mark and I so dearly miss our friend. But by remembering what he brought to our lives and emulating his kind and gentle ways, he will remain a daily part of, and influence in, our lives. So during this cleanse, my goal is to become more like Shadow. And in that spirit, I will say I'm so happy you're here with me, and let's enjoy whatever today sends our way.       


  1. Sweet, sweet, Shadow. We can learn so much from animals...WWSD (what would Shadow do).
    Good luck with the cleanse!

  2. Isn't that the truth, Kathleen? And I like the acronym; think I'll make up some bracelets! Thanks for the well wishes on the cleanse and join in the discussion any time. We miss you!