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Friday, September 23, 2011

Jenny's Story - Attitude is Everything

Here's a post from veteran cleanser Jenny, who is visiting her grandkids in California...

I've been in babyland so too tired or too unavailable to post. Since I can't post right to the blog for some reason, I'll have to leave it to you to decide what you want to do with my comments, but here goes...

Having been in LA the past few weeks I got to enjoy a very fitness-minded atmosphere. EVERYONE takes care of themselves! Even the moms at Luke's school waiting to pick up their kidlets after class are all in their workout clothes - before AND after. What a test to one's self esteem! Still, it makes all the difference if you're making your own efforts.

That got me thinking about how your mind and your attitude is as important (if not more!) than every bite you're putting into your mouth. That it's important not only to cleanse our bodies, but our minds and spirits as well. I feel like the food part is a big and important step that leads us by the hand into the next level - then we have to kick it up a notch and really do some research, reflection and seeking.

Oh, that and spa treatments - don't forget the spa treatments. VERY spiritual. Bikini-waxes in particular. Did my first in 2 yrs - believe I screamed HALLELUJAH and saw Jesus- yep.


  1. Yes, yes yes, go to the spa! We have one here in Dallas called King Spa and you can spend the entire day there sweating out toxins, getting massage, etc. DO IT. If you don't have a spa close by, find some way to get a massage. SOOOO great anytime but especially when cleansing.

    We need to take time to take care of our precious selves!!!