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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 Ways to Pamper Yourself

The reward system we’ve grown accustomed to is probably one of the most dangerous landmines we face in our dietary lives. From the time we smeared our first birthday cake across our faces we’ve been taught to celebrate through our mouths.

Special dinners, holiday meals, even funeral buffets find us hunched over our plates, fork or spoon in constant motion, prospecting for that one bite that will bring us a culinary version of comfort or joy. Some of us seek solace or celebration in liquid form, tossing back glass after glass of beer or booze in an effort to rejoice or relax. But in either case the satisfaction is only temporary and we wind up with an overstuffed belly, a pounding head, and an empty soul.

This cleanse gives us time to rethink and redefine our relationships with food and alcohol – it’s the perfect time to consider a more sophisticated way of rewarding ourselves when we deserve a little something special. Some of you have experienced challenges and victories during the course of this cleanse. And some of you have probably felt like you deserved a reward simply because of the sacrifices you’re making. But you can’t have a cookie, you can’t have a glass of wine – hell, you can’t even have a Wheat Thin!

So what do you do? Here are some ideas:

1) Get a mani/pedi - not express; the spa kind that gives you get the full royal treatment
2) Get your hair done - a new cut or color, highlights, straighting, deep conditioning
3) Take a Yoga class - Bikram for sweating out toxins; restorative is almost better than a massage
4) Buy those cute red (or whatever color your covet) shoes you’ve been eyeing
5) Make a date with your vibrator (very healthy!)
6) See a foreign flick
7) Spend an undisturbed hour with a good book
8) Take a walk
9) Get a makeover - bring some new colors into your makeup palette
10) Try a new perfume
11) Take a dance class - tap, salsa, pole; whatever gets your juices flowing
12) Get a wax - brows, upper lip, Brazillian, arms
13) See a concert
14) Get a massage
15) Go to the zoo
16) Tackle a Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle
17) Watch an old movie
18) See a psychic
19) Paint a room a new color
20) Get a cushy pair of slippers

You're making all sorts of changes during these 21 days. This is the chance to shift your perspective and find other ways to reward yourself. What do you like to do? What gives you joy? What makes you feel safe, secure and well tended to? Whatever the answer, remember that you're already taking great care of your body - now is the time to feed your soul? You deserve it!


  1. My friend and I went to a spa with saunas, steam, ice room, salt room, whirlpool, massage last week. What a treat! Great idea, Ivy, to take care and pamper ourselves a little (or a lot)!

  2. Hmmmm. I haven't cleansed with you guys...but I'm going to pamper myself anyway! Hahha!

  3. Ooh, that spa sounds great, Jeannie! Love the idea of a salt room and an ice room (although that will be ALL of Minnesota in a few short weeks!). And, Maggie, I think you should go for it! FYI - Spa Week is coming up in early October - it's a great time to get a good deal on spa treatments all across the country. Check it out at spaweek.com!

  4. Love these ideas on how to treat yourself! The spa sounds wonderful Jeannie! I'm pamper myself tomorrow with to an outside yoga class and a new haircut.

  5. Sounds great, Amy! I'm Jonesin' for a good yoga class - it's been almost a week since I've gone and I'm feelin' it! Hope it restores and rejuvenates you! Namaste.