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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 21 - We Did It!

Congratulations on 21 days well spent!

I hope this day finds everyone feeling refreshed and energized and really proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Many of you have shed some pounds, most of you have said you’ve felt more energetic and have been sleeping better than usual. And I think we’ve all realized that we don’t necessarily need those habits, behaviors, foods and beverages we’ve clung to as much as we thought we did before this process began. In my opinion, that’s the most important lesson to take away from this cleanse – that food doesn’t control us and that how we approach it is a choice.

Many of you have said you felt empowered by doing the cleanse. What a potent word that is! And accurate! We accepted a challenge, faced it, worked our way through it, and completed it. For that alone, let’s be proud. But we’ve also learned that by simply modifying our diets for a short period of time we can restore balance in our bodies and create a chain reaction of wellness in every aspect of our lives.

The body is so grateful and responsive when we do what it needs. Good health doesn’t just happen – the more active role we take in our own well-being the better off we’ll be. You’ve all proven that in just three weeks. And that’s incredibly empowering!

This process is so opposite of the mainstream way of approaching food. And it can be daunting and isolating. So I thank you all for agreeing to do this together. Knowing that we were all out there “together” and facing the same issues and challenges was a great comfort to me – I hope it helped all of you too.

And now, we ease our way back into the real world, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Some of you have said you’re going to look at food differently from now on and give greater consideration to your choices. That’s perfect! As we’ve said many times now, this is about being aware and mindful; giving consideration to what’s in a food and how it got to your plate.

Anyone have any thoughts about going forward? Anybody gonna splurge tomorrow? And I wonder - would any of you consider doing this again? All answers are welcome, so let it all hang out!

Well, here’s to the last day of purity together! I am so grateful that you all have become my healthiest friends! Thank you for your courage, your determination, your humor, and your support! I know I couldn't have done this without you! I hope to see you next time!

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