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Monday, April 9, 2012

Fine Vegan Dining in Manhattan

Me in front of Blossom

Whenever I travel to a world class city I make a point of chasing down some sexy vegan food. So, when we were recently in New York, Mark and I dropped in to Blossom Cafe on Columbus Avenue. I'd already done my research before we got there - I knew we were in for a treat. But what thrilled me more than my own personal delight at having the chance to eat high end vegan food (a rarity in Minneapolis) was seeing my my omnivorous husband enjoy it as much as I did.

We shared a mushroom ravioli appetizer with oregano and truffle butter, and an entree of pistachio crusted tofu served with a root vegetable crepe, truffle creme, frisee salad, and beet dressing. No matter that there was no salmon, sea bass, or steak on the plates - after each bite we'd sit back, wide-eyed, slowly chewing each bite and nodding our heads in gratitude, pleasure, and agreement that we were eating a first-class, top-notch, high end meal. 

Mushroom Ravioli

Pistachio Crusted Tofu

I love it when I find a place that does the vegan label justice by preparing fabulous food in spite of a food ethos that might wield some culinary challenges to less imaginative chefs. And I was thrilled to learn that Blossom is a bit of a New York dynasty, with three restaurants, a bakery, an organic wine bar and vegan bistro, and four vegan/organic/kosher fast food outlets throughout the city.

Here's to Blossom! I can't wait to try each location, and everything on each menu!

Bar and dining room at Blossom

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