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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Hour Tofu and Peanut Sauce

One of my favorite happy hour treats is the fried tofu with peanut sauce I always order when I'm at Roat Osha, a Thai restaurant in Minneapolis that's second to none. I know it's loaded with fat and I know I shouldn't eat much fried food, but it's a guilty pleasure that I would be hard-pressed to give up entirely.

But guess what? The Engine 2 Diet has a recipe for broiled tofu and I'm happy to report that it delivers the same chewy, crispy goodness I love about fried tofu. 

And the peanut sauce? Believe it or not, you've got to watch this stuff because it often contains fish sauce. So I snooped around for a recipe for vegan peanut sauce and found a few that looked promising. I combined the best of all of them and came up with a pretty tasty version of my own. In fact, it tastes almost like the restaurant version. It's got heat (hot sesame oil), sweet (coconut milk, shredded coconut, and agave), and lots of peanutty goodness.

Okay, I understand that tofu has a lot of fat; so does peanut sauce. And even in their healthier forms I've got to watch how much of this stuff I eat. But as an occasional treat that's almost as good as the restaurant version that inspired it, I'm going to keep this  easy-to-make dish around for those times when I'm after a guilty pleasure - now I just won't have to feel as guilty! Woo hoo! 

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