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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Here's something to think about... Where do the products you buy come from? What are the stories behind the corporations that make them? How would you feel about supporting a company that dumps some kind of toxic sludge into rivers? Or is involved in child labor practices? What about a company that supports a political candidate whose political agenda is in opposition to your own?

It's hard work being a conscientious consumer - you've got to research products, the companies that process or manufacture them, and the retailers who sell them. For most of us, that's too much to think about; and too much to do.  

But The Better World Shopping Guide makes it easy. It's a website that rates products and the corporations that make or distribute them according to their practices in human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement, and social justice. You can look up all sorts of products like foods, beauty and body supplies, appliances, cars, insurance and airlines and learn whether or not you're supporting a corporate hero or villain.

Along with the website there's a pocket-sized guide book, which is available for about $10.00 at BetterWorldShopper.org. I carry the book in my purse so I'm armed and informed whenever I want to make a purchase.

I've been pleased to see that many of the products on my shopping list are on the plus side of the spectrum, but there are a few that aren't as upright as I'd like them to be. And that means they have to go bye-bye. But I feel much better knowing I'm supporting companies that conduct themselves in an ethical manner.

The next time you go to make a purchase, please take a look at the website and learn the truth about the product (and company) you're considering - then decide if it's worth the price.

Happy Election Day!


  1. What do you think of the notion that if it comes from Whole Foods or a "health food" store then it's automatically OK?

  2. Good question, Jeannie. Unfortunately, it's our blind faith in product and company names that gets us into trouble. We hear "non-fat" and think we're safe, but foods with low fat contents can have huge amounts of sugar. And we know that the words "natural" and "organic" have been used loosely and widely to lure us to buy products that don't really qualify as such. I'm Whole Foods' biggest fan, but they carry the Boca line, which is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods. And Kraft Foods scores an F on this website. So even when I'm under my trusted store's roof I have to be vigilant and aware when I'm choosing products. It comes down to looking at each product and company individually and making our decisions from there. Tough work, I know, but definitely worthwhile.